We create and develop boutique hotels, condos and apartments.


Pre-development & Study

DCX offers an array of pre-development services. This involves identifying the needs of the marketplace, targeting sites, and developing strategies that are defined with specific goals and objectives. DCX determines the economics of the development with an in-depth analysis that includes zoning and unit density calculations with affordable housing requirements, preliminary designs, unit mix, budgets, development schedules, and potential site limitations or red flags. This helps guide and gives assurance to our investors during the land acquisition stage. This results in speed and cost savings for our investors while providing a solid foundation to move forward.
  • Market analysis and feasibility studies
  • Land acquisition or securing option rights to purchase land
  • Environmental assessments
  • Surveys
  • Preliminary architectural design services

Design & Architecture by Archeon

DCX partnered with Archeon Group, an award-winning multi-disciplined architectural firm in Los Angeles providing comprehensive professional design services which is also led by President & Chief Executive Officer Christopher C. Pak. With Archeon Group’s platform and support early on in the development, DCX is able to facilitate exceptionally designed renderings of a future hotel, condo, or mixed-use multi-family development.

ENtitlements & Permits

The entitlement process could be a time consuming, costly, and challenging barrier, but knowing the property and what is possible by right is vital to determining the feasibility of the project. We target sites in the regional commercial designated area with the highest density in the city of Los Angeles thus not requiring any lengthy entitlements and no public hearings. We have assembled an experienced development team of architects, and do not require the use of lawyers, consultants, or structural engineers during this phase. DCX guides investors regarding design studies, applicable zoning and code requirements, and maximum development potential of a property. We build relationships with local government staff, which streamlines and help to expedite the approval process.Our team is able to negotiate issues and eliminate additional requests by the local jurisdiction and avoid delays in obtaining approvals. Christopher C. Pak has carried several projects through the entitlement process and brings extensive knowledge delivering a project to shovel ready.


This phase involves the evolution of the development program and economics, through the process of design. The objective throughout this process is to continuously update and refine the development and construction budgets, minimize assumptions, and create accurate cost estimates and schedules to mitigate the risk for our investors. Our philosophy for this phase is to further refine and solidify the team. Our approach is based upon two basic principles, selecting expert team members and constantly challenge them to produce ideas that are creative and cost effective manner. We have an efficient and specific methodology for team procurement, and are well versed in negotiating contracts for services.

Construction Management

Construction management is where the real value is preserved for our investors in the development cycle.DCX will identify the construction strategy and select a construction team with an appropriate construction delivery system for the intended design solution.Throughout the process, DCX will constantly monitor the progress of the construction activity to ensure quality, schedule, and cost commitments. The construction team will be selected based upon function, performance, management team, and depth of experience.
  • Procurement
  • Bids
  • Post Bid Value Engineering Recommendations
  • Construction Team Coordination
  • Quality Control
  • Monitor Construction Teams RFI’s
  • Performance Schedule Monitoring
  • Payment Administration
  • Monitor Submittal Review
  • Review Contractors Substitution Requests
  • Construction Claims